Sep 5, 2008

I just installed Cpanel on a new server. I've done it a few times and had no issues, but this time the DNS isn't working correctly.

Basically the server can't see the zones it is hosting. I've setup a zone record for my domain, created both ns1 and ns2 A records, and also created the hostname A record. And verified the /etc/hosts is correct.

My resolv.conf has my provider's IP's as the nameservers, and I can lookup any other domain just fine from my server. But when I try to then lookup a domain hosted on my server, it says it can't find the record.

If I change the nameserver IP's in the resolv.conf to my server's IP addresses, then I can lookup my domain and hostname just fine. It was my understanding that when doing a lookup, the server would check if it's hosting the domain locally, and if so use those records? If not, it would forward the request on to the IP's in my resolv.conf...

Thanks for any help!


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Jul 10, 2005
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It sounds like your dns is down or misconfigured. You will have to make sure dns is up and properly configured, then it should work fine. You can also check the logs for any dns errors.