DNS Only changing default SMTP port?

We have a DNS only server at VPS.net within a Softlayer DC and they have apparrently blocked all port 25 traffic

Im wondering what the correct way to change exim in a DNS only setup is to force it to send via port 26 rather than 25 as we find that the mail queue is sitting undelivered.

We have 26 enabled in the firewall and in the service manager but it still isnt allowing mail to send out

any ideas or guides i can review that show the correct procedure as i found it a bit confusing in exim.conf as to the correct way to do it



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Not with them anymore - and even if you did change the port, it may still cause an issue with the recipient server trying to complete the transaction since SMTP by default communicates on port 25.

Outbound Email on Port 25 | SoftLayer

So a couple options for you:

1) Do what they recommend, and implement Mandrill or Sendgrid. I'm not sure about Sendgrid, but Mandrill is free up to 12,000 sends per month. I have instructions for both:

Implementing Mandrill with Exim on cPanel - The cPanel Admin
Implementing SendGrid with Exim on cPanel - The cPanel Admin

2) Hacky fix, but it might work:

- Edit /etc/exim.conf.local (or create it if it doesn't exist)
- Add the following (or edit the existing @config@ section if it already exists:

daemon_smtp_ports = 26 : 465

- Run: /scripts/buildeximconf
- Run: service exim restart

I don't think #2 will fix your issue though.
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