DNS Only version (setup virtual nameservers)


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Apr 12, 2003
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We are trying to use DNS Only WHM for running two dedicated nameserver boxes.
Where can we configure additional nameserver addresses on different IP addresses?
We need to have something like this:

DNS Server #1
hostname.domain.com - Primary IP
nameserver1.domain.com - secondary IP
nameserver1.domain2.com - third IP
nameserver1.domain3.com - fourth IP

DNS Server #2
hostname2.domain.com - Primary IP
nameserver2.domain.com - secondary IP
nameserver2.domain2.com - third IP
nameserver2.domain3.com - fourth IP

This way we can host virtual nameservers for different resellers using different IP addresses for each nameserver record. I need to know where I can add the nameservername = IP listing so that it will be incorporated into bind correctly.

Anyone have a clue?
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