DNS possibly borked on new account and domain


Mar 17, 2013
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Just to say up front, I have good "general" tech background and can understand most of the terms and concepts involved in webhosting, but I'm a total noob when it comes to actually setting things up, so hand holding may be needed.

I just set up a new VPS to move my website over from shared hosting that couldn't handle the load any more. My VPS has it's own name servers (managed through cpanel WHM). I have my registrar pointed towards those name servers and it seems to mostly be working except for the actual main domain name. WHM was setup automatically by the hosting company with host.mydomain.com as the "Current Hostname". I set up an account to host mydomain.com (so I would have the familiar cpanel setup to manage the site) and parked mydomain.net. I gave it about 24 hours for the DNS entries to propagate before figuring something wasn't right. I pointed nslookup directly at my name severs on the VPS and got the following:

host.mydomain.com = resolves
mydomain.net = resolves
ns1.mydomain.com = resovles
ns2.mydomain.com = resolves
mydomain.com = does not resolve!

Of course, the one domain I most care about is the one that doesn't work. I'm guessing this is somehow related to a subdomain (host.mydomain.com) already having it's own DNS zone, but I'm not sure. The website works fine when I give windows a manual entry to resolve mydomain.com to the right IP.

Please help!!!


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Oct 20, 2008
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What are the name servers assigned for "mydomain.com" ? Make sure that "mydomain.com" is using the name servers as "ns1.mydomain.com" & "ns2.mydomain.com". You need to modify the name servers at domain registrar end and in cPanel >> Edit DNS Zone >> Select Domain Name.

In cPanel DNS zone, normally the domain will be set to use default name servers. If its not, correct it to the one as mentioned above.

If you still face difficulty, provide us the actual domain name so we can check this from our end.