Mar 7, 2003
Brisbane, Australia

I'm pretty new to hosting and I have a little problem. I have reseller account and using WHM and CP6.

Now, I had my domain ( with that "hostingcompany" but since I signed up for reseller acct they shifted my domain to the other server but still within the same DNS.

But in the welcome email they told me to change dns for my domain from to and dns2.stel...
However, before I changed it I could see my web site again and it all works fine.

I just registered domain name for one of my clients and assigned the user account and that domain name on my hosting account but the site still doesn't come up, although registrar told me it should propagate within a few hours in Australia.

Do you think I should change DNS for my domain from "hostingcompany" to or it should work like this. And also, may there be something else I'm doing wrong ?

Thanks. Mike


Mar 10, 2003
Hi Mike,

No matter what the registrar says never expect it to work within the first 12 hours.

It's also best to say 24 - 48 hours to clients.

If the nameservers are in the same trust (as you have mentioned) it will not matter which you use for your clients (suggest you use what they have asked you to though)