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Mar 6, 2006
I have setup two nameservers with there IP in cpanel i then went to my domain registrar and made up two nameservers and pointed them to the same ip as the one in cpanel. Then i forwarded my domain to the two nameservers and everything has been done updated and everything and when i go to my site and try accessing cpanel it does not work i am getting the following. "This page cannot be found" What have i missed or done wrong? Please someone let me know. Thank You.


May 29, 2006
DNS transfers can sometimes take up to 3 days before the DNS records have been updated everywhere on the internet, it is not instantaneous.

Try doing a DNS lookup on your domains, and see if they are resolving to the proper IP addresses:

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Jan 22, 2005
You would need to set up glue records at the registrar level pointing the namesever addresses you need to use to the correct IP addresses.

You also need A records set up in the zone file for the relevant domain on your server and point them to the same IP addresses.

It is best to let these changes propagate before changing your domain's nameserver addresses. Once this has happened, change your domain's nameserver addresses to those you would like to use and, again, wait for the changes to propagate.

Assuming you've made all the changes correctly, you simply need to wait for the changes to propagate - this will commonly take between 24 and 72 hours.

If things are still not working as they should, try to ping your domain and check that it does indeed resolve to the correct IP address. You should try the same for the nameserver addresses.