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DNS Problems, File names and locations

Discussion in 'Bind/DNS/Nameserver' started by DomainMasters, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. DomainMasters

    DomainMasters Member

    Jul 3, 2011
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    Hi Everybody,

    I am having a problem with WHM not writing and saving the correct DNS / name server information to what ever file or files it is supposed to write to. When I set in the required DNS / name server names and ip addresses WHM will not write and save this information to what ever file on the server.

    Can someone tell me the names and locations of the files that WHM uses for the DNS and name servers for the server?

    I am running WHM 11.30.3 (build 5)
    CENTOS 5.7 x86_64 standard on whmcp

    I know the name and location for this file: /etc/nameserverips and I have the correct information written to that file. But when ever I try to add a new account/domain to WHM I get back this message:

    Create a New Account

    Your nameserver setup in Basic cPanel/WHM
    Setup</ is invalid.

    Please enter at least two nameservers there before attempting to
    create an account.


    So I go to "Basic cPanel/WHM Setup" in WHM and set in the correct name server

    Also, I SSH into the server and edit the file:

    root@whmcp [/home/sshadmn]# vi /etc/nameserverips

    Now the file in SSH: /etc/nameserverips always shows the correct information
    but it does not stay in WHM and reverts back to incorrect information.

    The incorrect information WHM shows me is:

    which is incorrect.

    Can you please tell me where I can SSH into the server and what are the all
    file names that WHM reads information from, so I can edit all of the
    information that WHM is showing me and so I can also edit the "Basic
    cPanel/WHM Setup", because WHM is not allowing me or any of my Resellers to
    setup any new accounts?

    I need to know the name and location of the file WHM reads "Show/Edit Reserved IPs" in IP Functions.
    Under "Networking Setup" I need to know the file name and location WHM reads "Nameserver IPs" from.
    And under "Basic cPanel & WHM Setup" I need to know the file name and location WHM reads and writes the "Nameservers" information.

    I would like to be able to edit these files manually, right on the server, so I know everything is correct and because, for some reason, WHM is not writing and saving the information I put into it.

    Anyway, I hope I have explained this all properly and that it is understandable.

    Thank you all for your help.

    Sincerely, Richard Williams
  2. cPanelTristan

    cPanelTristan Quality Assurance Analyst Staff Member

    Oct 2, 2010
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    somewhere over the rainbow
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    Root Administrator
    The file that controls Nameserver IPs area in WHM is /var/cpanel/nameserverips.yaml file instead of /etc/nameserverips file. The file in /etc is no longer used for that area.

    That should only be a display file, though, and wouldn't cause the error message in question. It seems that you've entered invalid information into WHM > Basic cPanel and WHM Setup area instead. Can you paste the output from this file?

    cat /etc/wwwacct.conf
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  3. cPanelTracey

    cPanelTracey Member Staff Member

    Mar 5, 2010
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    Houston, TX
    We had received clarification on the Nameserver IPs feature, and the nameserverips.yaml file from our developers. I wanted to share this to clarify the intended behavior.

    The functionality of the "Nameserver IPs" page was changed in 11.30. It is now a report, and not a page meant to configure any aspect of DNS. It reports the nameservers used by zones on the server, as well as a count of the the number of zones that use a given nameserver.

    The nameserverips.yaml file is automatically updated, and not meant to be altered by hand. It is a cache file, rather than a configuration file. Neither should the /etc/nameserverips file be altered manually. The script /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/updatenameserverips populates the yaml file automatically. This script retrieves the information it populates the yaml file with by scanning the zones on the server for NS records, then using /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/quickdnslookup to get the IP.

    The correct way of updating the information on Nameserver IPs is through the "Basic cPanel & WHM Setup" page, and to ensure a proper DNS configuration. If the Nameserver IPs page is presenting incorrect information when DNS is set up correctly, this is a bug and should be reported via a support ticket.
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