Mar 1, 2011
Hi Guys,

I am recovering from a dead hard drive on an unmanaged server, the datacenter installed a new hard drive but that's all the help they will give me, the support will not help me unless I pay $100's for "managed" help.

The issue seems to be with my DNS system, however I can't work out what the hell is wrong with it. (DNS is the one system that I get annoyed with the most...) Anyway, say for this example my domain name is

my hostnames for the main server is:
on this server I did have multiple VPS's DNS synced (so that the VPS's could share the name servers) under the hostnames of, vps2... etc

I remember to do this, I just added the A-record, but it won't work this time...I have added as an A-record pointing to the correct IP, however it will not respond to ping or anything, it just fails instantly...

Any help?


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Oct 2, 2010
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Since this appears to sound like an emergency issue, please go ahead and open up a ticket provided you have root SSH to the machine(s). You can use WHM > Support Center > Contact cPanel or the link in my signature. In the ticket, please provide login details to one of the VPS machines and any DNS only machine you might have (if you have one controlling the nameservers).