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Jan 2, 2006
I'm really stuck here and I'd appreciate any advice you could give....

We use an external mailserver for all incoming mail and so we have set all domains MX records to a specific address. We also set the zone templates to create these mx records for new domains.

Everything has been working great for over a month since we changed all the MX records. However, in the last couple of days, I've noticed that without warning or any manual intervention, the mx records on some customers domains are reverting to the standard cPanel setting where it just contains the domain name. I've had 5 customer support tickets just today. If the mx isnt set right - they dont receive mail, so this is a serious problem.

I've checked the zone templates and they still correctly contain the mx details.

So I'm thinking this must be a DNS problem of some kind - but there have been no issues with the nameservers and no changes at all. I'm just totally lost for words - I cant figure out how the zone files could revert back without any updates being made.

The serials on the zone files dont seem to correspond with the mx being changed back because the customers say the issue has only been happening for a couple of days - the serials are all at least 15 days old.

I'm confident that the customers are not changing their MX records from cpanel. So far all of the ones I've spoken to said they havent logged into cpanel for at least a week.

If this starts to happen more frequently, it will cause us some serious problems.

Can anyone offer any advice as to what may be causing this ?