DNS-related problem with WHM/Apache


Feb 29, 2012
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Several days ago I upgraded PHP from 5.3.9 to 5.3.10 with subsequent typical Apache rebuild (all was done in WHM). Before that I added META tags to WHM templates for "Default Website Page" and "Account suspended" for redirecting users to our website.

After that when new account with a subdomain is created, and this new subdomain is immediately accessed in the same browser very often (but not always!) user sees "Default Website Page" (or redirected if customized template is used). One month before that all worked fine. This situation is the same as for manually created accounts in WHM and for accounts created by WHMCS/cpanel module.

The problem is always solved by flushing local DNS and clearing browser cache and sometimes it is solved by opening domain in another browser. But it is not a solution for us, because we cannot tell our clients "just flush dns".
Our server is hosted at Liquidweb and tech support advised to add CNAME record *.ourdomain.com. to DNS zone of our domain where subdomains are purchased. It did not help.

I submitted this ticket to Liquidweb and its tech support still thinks about this problem. But in addition I decided to add this question here.

Can you help us?

I'm a web developer with mid-level qualification in system administration and root access to the server.
So you may ask me for additional details.