DNS Server EC2 Load Balancing without Route 53 Using Cpanel & Cpanel DNS Only


Mar 27, 2008
I am scoping a project and trying to setup the following for our DNS.

3 cpanel servers (1 full version for interface, 2 DNS only versions for clustering)
Each of these is spread in 3 areas - Virginia, California, Orgeon

We now need to load balance this with 2 Load balancers (one for fail over) that will Round Robin the DNS servers to spread out DNS requests. We service a ton of domains so this is important and on a large scale which is why we don't want to use Route 53 for this.

I realize that Cpanel Natively does not support Round Robin out of the box but it seems there should be a way to use a load balancer to tell it to go to a specific box first.

The idea is to spin them both up on where the main cpanel version is residing and then installing LVS with some sort of heartbeat server in between. To top this off we are thinking of an elastic IP that would switch to the second load balance server if the first went down automatically allowing failover/redundancy.

This would give us failover on the Cpanel cluster and on the load balancer. We could then possibly give two elastic IP's and set them both as A records for each nameserver being forwarded to our setup so that they have some failover too. I think there are some pitfalls with this setup as well as it being a pretty intricate job to pull off.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to achieve our goals here?