SOLVED DNS - Server IP can not be found


Mar 29, 2022
Denpasar Indonesia/Antioch California
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Root Administrator

I'm unable to get the domain name to resolve and I'm stumped. I'm using an Azure VM.

Install of WHM/CPanel Pro went smoothly.
I added the name servers ( & ns2) in the basic configuration.
Added the hostname
Added A records for both name servers in the main domain zone as well as NS records for the name servers.
Added A record for the hostname and main domain also.
I Registered the name servers on Enom and checked the status. Looks good.
I changed the name servers in Enom for the domain, they're set correctly.
I've checked and rechecked the spelling, all looks good but I'm cross-eyed now.

On the Azure side, I changed the DNS servers to custom and pointed it towards the servers' IP address.

If I use Azure's DNS Zone all works as it should, but we need to use WHM's DNS Zones.
I think I'm missing something on the Azure side, but I thought I would check here first.

Has anyone run into this paticualar senerio? I've gone through the forums WHM/Azure as well as the tutorial that's been posted and I seem to be the lone fool at the moment.

Thanks in advance!