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Aug 22, 2008
So i have 2 servers, one that will run Cpanel and serve the sites and the second to act as a backup and run DNS either primary or secondary. They have unique ip's and I am planning on installing the DNS only client on the backup server. My questions is do I want to run NS1 on the second server to lighten the load on the main server and then have the server with all the hosting services run NS2(slave). I'm thinking that would be better load balancing. Can Cpanel do this with the clustering feature? Sorry I am new to cpanel :)

And one more DNS question, how does cpanel handle reverse DNS lookups? Or is that built right into the WHM setup?



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Jun 9, 2008

DNS is a relatively light protocol, so load shouldn't be too much of an issue. A cPanel/WHM server's built-in DNS can handle a pretty decent load.

However, using a standalone DNS server is still better from a load standpoint (IMHO) because that's one less thing the hosting server has to handle.

Another advantage is that, as you add more servers, you can move accounts from one server to another without the user having to change their record at the DNS registrar (a benefit pointed out by cPanelDavidG in another thread).

And, if the hosting server goes down but the DNS server doesn't, you can still have DNS service and some functions on other servers can still work (for example, if you are routing e-mail to other servers).

I have two cPanel servers, and I'm setting up two DNS-only servers. Each cPanel server will do a one-way sync to the primary DNS-only server, and the primary DNS-only server will do a one-way sync to the secondary DNS-only server.

Do you mean "reverse DNS lookups" or "setup"? WHM doesn't handle this...reverse DNS needs to be set up by your datacenter, or they can delegate authority to you to do that. If they delegate authority, follow the steps in another thread here about setting it up in WHM. It looks hard to do, but it really isn't.


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Apr 16, 2002
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What would be nice is for cPanel to introduce an easy set up for 3 boxes:

Box 1: DNS Server (Primary) (box1a. could be dns server (secondary))

Box 2: Mail Server (Primary) (box2a. could be mail server (secondary))

Box 3: Web and SQL server (Clustered)

box 3a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j - all web servers with sql