DNS Solution Separate Email and Web Domain Servers?


Sep 23, 2004
Can someone please give me some guidance on how my situation would best be setup. I currently have my domains registered at a registrar. Half of them I use the Registrar Name Servers to forward the web address to another domain. The other half I set the name servers for ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com. These name servers are setup for me in a VPS account on a Linux Server for web page and email. A few of my domains that are on the VPS server I want to have the web page traffic go to a Windows based server at another physical location, while the email would stay on the Linux VPS account.

Thus my first questions would be….

Should I be creating a ns3.mydomain.com, ns4.mydomain.com at the Windows Server location?

Should a change be made to the A record or what other changes need to made on my VPS account?

Should I be looking at a service like ZoneEdit to properly set this up?

What server is the first to get routed to; web server or email server?

Thank you…


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You will need to edit the "A" and "MX" records for the domain name so they point to the correct locations, but there's no requirement on where to host the DNS for the domain name.

Thank you.