DNS weirdness for add-on domains


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Feb 20, 2005
Can someone verify/reproduce this problem please?

1) On a fresh account, set up a domain as usual. Then edit its DNS Zone and set its A record to point to some other server (one might do this if hosting a site on an external blogging service, for example).

2) Create an independent domain as an add-on domain. This one you intend to host normally, on your cPanel server.

3) Oops - the DNS record that is created for the add-on domain points to the alien IP of the main domain!

4) OK, so edit the DNS zone for the add-on, pointing it back to your own server.

5) That doesn't work either, because the vhost in httpd.conf ALSO points to the alien server, with no clear way to change it.

So it appears that cPanel provides all these tools for creating independent domains and letting you control their DNS entries independently, but the hosting of them isn't really independent. All add-on domains have their IPs tied somehow to the IP of the main domain?

Is this a bug or a feature?