DNS Zone Manager issue - can't change TTL


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Feb 23, 2015
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So apparently if you have an MX record with the following TTLs:
3600, 14400, and 14400. Somehow cPanel let my client put in MX records like that. But if you go back in to try and change the TTL to match, it throws up this error:

Error:example.com’s “MX” records have mismatched TTL values (3600, 3600, and 14400). Records of the same name and type must always have the same TTL value.

But you can't edit all the records as once as you can only edit one at a time. So the only solution is to delete all the MX records and put them all back in one by one with the correct TTL. It should be a warning, not an outright error as you can't proceed otherwise.

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