DNS zones are broken in WHM, across 40+ hosts


Sep 12, 2018
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Has no one seriously addressed this yet? I don't see how there's no fix for this issue.

I work with over 50 hosts, including at least 40 that are WHM accounts.

On every. single. host, the DNS zones are broken when first added. Every. Single. Host. Every. Single. Domain.

This issue has been ongoing for 3+ months, and still has not been fixed. This is the most frustrating thing I've experienced in 10+ years of buying and creating domains.

What is the status on fixing this issue? I'm wasting entire nights of my life telling the support teams how to fix the issue. Every single day, all I do is talk to support people.

The fix?

Re-compile the DNS zones. Some hosts simply suspend then unsuspend the accounts.

This is even happening on shared accounts. Huge names like Namecheap shared hosting has this issue. 100% of every single domain that gets added doesn't work until the support team re-compiles the DNS zones.

Please, FIX THIS!!!