Oct 4, 2007
I have my own dns/nameserver system that uses a MySql db to store zone records. My outlying nameservers query the DB every 4 hours to add, delete or update zones. I do not use the cpanel managed hosting machines as name servers.

After some research on these boards I started modifying dnsadmin to get & write zone data from my db. Everything was going fine until I got to savezonelocal. Instead of getting all of the individual zone records (managed on the form as line_1_1, line_1_2....) I get zonedata with all of the records in a single string. The original dnsadmin simply writes this string to a file, appends a LF and does a config check. Because I can't get the individual records I'm faced with trying to parse the string to pick out the individual records and update the DB. If zoneeditor.cgi would send zonedata as a well formed xml packet, I could simply parse out what I need.

zoneeditor.cgi is a compiled script so I can't modify that.

Can anyone recommend a means supplementing cpanel's dns sub-system. The API is missing critical commands, and I don't cherish parsing string.



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Oct 22, 2001
Cpanel seems lack of DNS management API, and it's DNS management is not so good as well.


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Nov 29, 2006
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Cpanel seems lack of DNS management API, and it's DNS management is not so good as well.
You're responding to a thread that is almost a year old. There have been many improvements to our DNS systems since this original post as well as additions to our XML API to accommodate DNS functionality.
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