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DNSONLY Questions...

Discussion in 'Bind/DNS/Nameserver' started by shannon, May 23, 2007.

  1. shannon

    shannon Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2002
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    Alright, looking to see how we can fit DNSONLY into our operations, and I've got a couple quick questions, hopefully the folks who've had the opportunity to play with it a bit recently can help me out and possibly save some tinkering time. :)

    1) Just how badly messed up is the installation / interoperability of DNSONLY right now? We're looking at deploying this on a CentOS 4 box, and would be feeding it domain records from our cPanel v11 (Current) boxes. Recent posts on the forums here regarding dnsonly have me spooked. I'm not overly picky, if the auto-install isn't 100% perfect, that's fine as long as it can be fixed and up and running with a little elbow grease. But on the other hand if it simply "doesnt work" or "install can be fudged, but v11 boxes won't be able to sync records to it properly" then it's useless to us.

    2) Let's say you want a DNSONLY box, but you also want to be able to run Apache2 and Mysql on said box, seperate from cPanel. (What we're looking at is bringing a new box online specifically to be our DNS box, but it's also going to run some other oddball things for us, namely our monitoring/etc). I'm not expecting dnsonly to manage any of our httpd or mysql, but I'd hate to find out that dnsonly has some weird "feature" that shuts down apache or other services not covered by the dnsonly license. ie: I'm hoping dnsonly will simply leave things it doesn't cover alone... No qualms about setting up the services we need by hand, but again, if dnsonly is going to see said services and go "No license for you! kill -9" then it's useless for this particular project. :)


    Yes, I know I could just go with a full cPanel box for this project, but the fact is, given some of our internal systems we aim to put on this box, we have no intention of ever putting clients on it, and a full blown cPanel install might just be overkill when one is looking to keep the box as locked down/simple as possible.

    Edit: I just saw the most recent messages added to the big dnsonly thread about the installer being updated, so that might answer my first question for me. :) (I last checked for dnsonly threads yesterday morning, that will teach me to post on a topic before checking it again).
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