DNSonly servers are both down. What should I do?


Aug 11, 2006
Wow. Out of the blue BOTH of my DNSonly servers have stopped functioning (but I can still SSH into them). All of my sites and email are now down as well. I only have ONE cpanel server related to these two dns servers.

Should I just add my primary and secondary dns names to my cpanel server and point them temporarily to my one cpanel server? Are the zones still stored on the master cpanel server?

Is there anyone who can help me at this late hour?


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Feb 25, 2010
Houston, TX
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Please submit a ticket

I apologize for the delayed response, but if you are still experiencing problems with the DNS-only servers, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to log in and see what has caused them to stop working.

To answer your questions, the zones should still be on the primary (full cPanel/WHM) server, and in theory you could repoint your domains to its nameservers, but due to propagation times, the most time-efficient thing would probably be to put the DNS-only servers back online. If they are still offline, the fastest way we could assist you would be via a ticket, and we would be happy to do so.