Do i need to upgrade my server


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Mar 30, 2012
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Hi foilks,
I have a single huge web application which now has a 5GB database, around 150 tables, with a few million rows in some of the bigger tables.
We also run a testing branch of the web application which means another 5GB database and sometimes the load that goes with it.
This setup runs on a reputed cloud VPS with 2 cores and 2 GB RAM.

Of the 2GB RAM, 1GB is allotted in total to Mysql while the rest is for the server as it has cpanel, mailing lists, ftp server, etc all in use. We also use CSF+LFD.

We get about 2-3 hits per second on both web apps - main and testing.

I've partitioned all big tables (by range so that regularly used table no partition has more than 40k rows), cached a lot of stuff here and there and so on.

Do I need to upgrade the server - if yes, would cores help or would RAM help?

Innodb tuning suggests that I give 80% of RAM to Mysql - but that would leave just 400MB for the server - which would definitely not be enough.

I've done several iterations of mysql tuning (buffer pool size, query_cache, files_limit, etc etc) a few times over and settled on my current config.

I want to know whether
( a ) I'm running a superbly tuned setup - achieving a great feat running on 2GB
( b ) I'm just about tuning the system to have it running and I need to do more to fully extract the power of the hardware.

This question is very important to us because the cost of adding 1-2 RAM / cores permanently is a bit high for our startup budget.

PS: Does running mailman create excess load even if it doesnt relay more than a dozen mails a week?

Thanks in advance,