Do we get vote or something on all these cpanel changes?


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Jul 28, 2002
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We are blowing up today with upset customers because CPanel is not more confusing than ever.

I looked at it and I understand.

Can we vote on this stuff? It was going so well and then now it's just a bunch of confusing icons and massive text.

People want a system that is simple and intuitive, now allusive and overwhelming.

Not to mention all these changes makes the $500 tutorials we made months ago obsolete.


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May 20, 2003
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Are you on the EDGE users list? You should be. These (relevant to your post I think) links and partial quote below was posted just yesterday where the discussion of Paper Lantern has been going on recently, and also where the evolving style of Paper Lantern development has been discussed as well for quite a long time now.

December 9th:
Update Your Style for Version 54 | cPanel Blog

November 16th:
The new cPanel Sidebar in v54 | cPanel Blog

October 15h:
What’s Next for cPanel & WHM? | cPanel Blog

All 3 posts, well ahead of 54 release shows a rough picture of how PL would look.
You didn't even have to test edge builds to see if it would look ugly or not :)
I believe the owner of that quote is a forum user here as well.

Here's another link from September '15:
It's time to say goodbye to X3

July '15:
Preview of something new in 11.52

April '15:
Blog: So where are we heading with Paper Lantern?

November 2013:
The foundations of a new UX for cPanel

There are more in between these dates to be found as well. To answer your question:
Can we vote on this stuff?
You've been able to follow along and contribute feedback to this for years now. You may have missed this thread going on right now too.. Your post really belongs there, but leaving go for now:
Paper Lantern in cPanel 54 - Comments Thread

Your comments are requested and very much appreciated by cPanel, always.