Do your customers use FTP or cPanel File Manager to manage their files?

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Mar 5, 2002
Los Angeles California
I just wanted to know if your customers are still using the clumsy cPanel File Manager given that they have the option of using an FTP software which is undoubtedly more robust.
Have you ever surveyed your customer base regarding that?

I still have some customers who are sticking to cPanel File Manager despite its downside.
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Oct 25, 2002
NE Illinois
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55% using Dreamweaver (ftp)
17% Various other FTP Programs
2% Frontpage

Of these above customers (79%) most have also used the built in File manager at one time or another. I believe that Dreamweaver gets such a high percentage by my customers is because they are using the same Web Design Company, and they use Dreamweaver.

The other users have not informed me of their method of maintaining their files. The above information was gained from the customers requests in seeking settings for their site. The remainder have not requested any informationfrom me, so I don't know what they use.

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