Documentation and support for pure-ftpd


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Apr 15, 2004

I have a specific requirement from a client. They want a ftp user who can;

- Upload files
- List files but!
- Cannot download files

1) How can I setup such a user (as mentioned above) with pure-ftpd that comes with cpanel?

There seems to be lack of proper documentation for pure-ftpd. I was able to find a pdf ( ), which I'm using, but cpanel has probably changed the way users are created/modified and authenticated;

2) Does cpanel have any docs related to its! pure-ftpd install;
i) pure-ftpd uses pure-authd for authentication, rather than PAMAuth or UNIXAuth
a) I don't know where the auth information is stored
(/etc/pureftpd.passwd doesn't exist)
(/usr/local/bin/pure-pw cannot find a password file)
b) How to modify that information to add/remove/modify settings for user accounts.

ii) Pure-ftpd does not install user accounts as mentioned in the above mentioned pdf in section "Creating local indexed FTP-only accounts" (sub-section 1,2,3,4)

3) How does pure-authd work? Where does it keep the auth info?

I'm forced to use proftpd untill I can resolve the issue of creation of the above mentioned user in Q1


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Dec 16, 2005
South Africa
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I'm also interested to see what can be done using pure-ftpd. I had a requirement once where i wanted users to be able to upload files and list dir and etc.. EXCEPT modify or delete the files in any way.

Speaking to other admin they have informed me that this cant be done with pure-ftpd. I am still not aware if it can be and would also appreciate input from the other more experienced users....

I am also unable to find good documentation on this subject

*keeps an eye on post*