Nov 19, 2004
Looking for any documentation on automation setup, account information, and such. I want to write my own client area, billing, and such for Cpanel. I like MB, WHMAP, and such...but I can just make my own small version for less.

Anyone know of documentation I can read to get this started? I would appreciate any help you may offer me.



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Jan 22, 2005
If I remember correctly, there's a new XML-based API being developed. I'm not sure what level of functionality it will offer, however it will certainly beat the heck out of the current offering.

I'd suggest waiting around until the new API is released. If cPanel have got their act together correctly this time there should be at least some supporting documentation.

I'm basically trying to do the same as you - intergrate certain automation and billing features into my own services. The current third party offerings are very nice, however I'm looking for something over which I have more development control so that it can evolve in response to client feedback and requirements.