Documentation for cPanel templating


Oct 23, 2005
Is there any documentation available at all about cPanel's templating engine?

I am working on a skin that's roughly based on the Bluelagoon/X theme, but I am kind of stuck on points such as:
How to package the theme once it's finished?
What template files are required to make it work?

And some more small questions regarding template tags.

This is my first time making a skin for cPanel, so that why I'm wondering. How do other template designers know what they're doing? I bet there must be some sort of reference/manual somewhere.

Anyway, I couldn't find it. So thanks in advance. :)


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Aug 31, 2004
I don't know that there is a manual.

I hacked up a new theme in a few minutes though without one.

You just want to make sure you keep the existing theme structure, and just change design...not the world ;)

The variables are in the existing templates, and those are pretty much whats available to my knowledge.

I do wish that CPanel would create a debug page that will just print out a list of variables and what they represent.

But it shouldn't hold you back creating your new super skin...