Does anyone else find this message inappropriate?

What is the message suggesting the hosting provider is and idiot, dead beat or theif?

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Feb 16, 2002
Basically when cpanel is having problems with there liscensing server, they display a mesage to my customers suggesting that I am an idiot(#2), dead beat(#3 and 4), or theif(#5) They also failed to leave out that it could be a problem with there liscensing server, as has been the case everytime a customer has came to me saying they got this message. I am trying to run a professional business here and this message seriously ruins my image. I could understand it I was the only one who saw it, but I find it in appropriate that it is displayed to all my customers. The message I am referring to is.....

You've reached this page for one of the following reasons:

1. You just installed cpanel and a license has not been added for this machine yet.

* If you need a test/beta license, please email [email protected]
* If you are susposed to have a license from your hosting provider, please contact them.
* If you need to get a license, please select one of the distributors here.

2. Something is broken on the server that cpanel is installed on. Please contact your
hosting provider.

3. Your hosting provider has failed to pay for their cpanel license fee, in which case
you need to contact them.

4. Your Cpanel Distributor failed to make timely payment and all of their
licenses were expired.

5. You are attempting to pirate Cpanel; Please don't. Thanks!

Please reply with appropriate or inappropriate Support Ticket Number:


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Apr 12, 2003
I couldn't agree more -- this is TOTALLY unacceptable for customers to see this message.

Is their only 1 licensing server?

I will glady host licensing servers #2 and #3 for a free cPanel license. Nick? Anyone else at DarkOrb?

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