Does cpanel aware your license server network was hijacked yesterday?


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Oct 29, 2009
Yesterday, I had issue to access cPanel & WHM License Verification | cPanel, L.L.C. and Manage2 Login from our company network. Asked our network admin to look into it and he saw that cpanel server IPs like are routing to Australia ISP Telstra. He told me that those networks could be hijacked as this CIDR was changed to israel shortafter. I thought he was crazy until I saw news today:

As far as we currently understand the situation, this was done on accident and not maliciously, although we have still not been provided with any additional details. For several hours, however, around 30% of the global internet looking for us got pointed to Telstra instead. Some 1,680 other networks were also affected, making this perhaps the most serious BGP hijacking incident ever.

The company tweeted: “There is an ongoing BGP hijacking incident impacting the ProtonMail network. Connectivity to Proton services is being impacted. @Telstra is announcing our subnet without authorization.”
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