Does cpanel updates phpmyadmin version?


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Sep 22, 2007
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Could someone please tell me does upcp updates phpmyadmin to new version? I think no beause the upcp cron had already updated cpanel, but still not sure.

Current cpanel version is 11.30.6 (build 4) and it is on STABLE (safest).. when users log into phpmyadmin they see a warning saying:

"A newer version of phpMyAdmin is available and you should consider upgrading. The newest version is, released on 2012-02-18"

I did ran /usr/local/cpanel/bin/updatephpmyadmin --force, but it installed same version.

phpMyAdmin updated to 3.4.9-all-languages.cp19

can some tell me what is the policies of cpanel????


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Oct 2, 2010
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The cPanel policy is to update components after Quality Assurance testing to ensure they function and do not break with cPanel. We do not automatically update a component without first testing it. We have case 57357 for updating PhpMyAdmin to, which was released with and higher versions. You can see which tier and version it currently has at Downloads - cPanel Inc.