Does yum install not work with cPanel?


Nov 4, 2010
I've tried to installed the new mod_pagespeed module released by Google today on my webserver. My webhost is HostGator. I kept getting errors trying to install the thing using yum install, and after contacting support, this is what I received:

"This is not something that will be able to be installed through yum as yum cannot install modules for cPanel. It will need to be compiled for your VPS which we can do for $75 because of the custom nature of the software and its not plug and play."

First of all, is this statement true? and second of all, if it isn't, how can I install it?

I tried to install through root, and got an error that read like this:

Cannot open file: mod_pagespeed_*.rpm. Skipping.
Nothing to do

Some help and/or answers would be nice!



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Feb 25, 2010
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No RPM packages for Apache

Apache on a cPanel server is not installed via RPM package. Instead, it is compiled from source. RPM packages for Apache or PHP components can actually cause conflicts on a cPanel server, because EasyApache builds completely from source.

Because of this, you cannot install an RPM package for an Apache module or PHP extension and expect it to work on a cPanel server. Instead, it must be built into Apache or PHP at compile time. EasyApache provides a facility to do this, and it is documented here:

EasyApache Custom Modules

An overview of EasyApache, which you should also read if you are not already familiar with using it, is available here:

The Apache Web Server and cPanel/WHM

HostGator is correct that you cannot use yum to install Apache modules, but yum does work on a cPanel server, and cPanel actually uses yum to update certain system packages. In regard to updating Apache or PHP, though, yum is not used on a cPanel server.