Does Zero Inboxes Mean The Account Cannot Send Email


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Feb 27, 2003
If I take an existing CPanel account and change the maximum number of email mailboxes to ZERO they obviously cannot receive email but can they send email?

I have a user who's website has been compromised by a spammer. His site is suspended since he apparently has a security hole that allowed a PHP script to be uploaded. I'd like to give him access to clean up and upgrade his site but I don't want to let the spammers back in. How can I turn off ALL email capabilities for one specific account so I can allow him to clean things up. Is this possible?


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Jul 12, 2005
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i would work this kinda situation in 2 possible ways.
1). change the cpanel password for this user, create additional FTP account and let then re-upload their site. once things are normal handover then the cpanel login details.

2). set his username or default ID or problematic ID to forward mail to :fail: and it won't let you relay, this worked for me in past but iam not 100% sure.

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