Domain as an alias + SPF problems

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Dec 14, 2018
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I have a strange situation going on on my VPS server. I am not using any aliases and every domain I am hosting on my VPS server it's a domain on its own (for every domain there is FTP, mail etc.)

Now to the problem. One of the domains on my VPS (checked via SSH command host -t txt shows that it is an alias for my main VPS domain. I checked every detail within Cpanel/WHM and there are no aliases set anywhere. I also did a DNS cleanup, reset DNS settings of, yet no changes happened.

The problem lies in the following. If the is showing as an alias of my main VPS domain through SSH (once again, there is nowhere in Cpanel/WHM this to be found), so it also uses TXT record SPF of my main domain. So I cannot change/update any of the SPF records for the, which I urgently need.

The works without problems with it's own web materials and it is managed by the client on its own, yet the SPF changes I make within WHM/Cpanel show SPF record of my main server domain.

Please help me with this issue, since I do not want the to be an alias of my main server domain (and I did not make it as an alias via WHM/Cpanel).

For every other domain hosted on my server (around 30 of them) every change of SPF is reflected as it should be.

Thank you for your help


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Nov 14, 2017
Can you please open a ticket using the link in my signature? Once open please reply with the Ticket ID here so that we can update this thread with the resolution once the ticket is resolved.