Domain Forwarding (Masked) to Wordpress Install on Cpanel not working.


Oct 10, 2019
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I have a domain that I have forwarded (masked) from GoDaddy to a subdomain on my server, (not on GoDaddy). This is where I have my wp install. It works fine on the front end. But I can't log into the wp-site using I can still log in under Then it's also using for the links when I add images, etc. If I change the url under settings to the whole site breaks. Is there a setting or some code that needs to be added in cpanel or httaccess for example, so will forward correctly and be masked? I haven't done this before and am not sure what I'm missing. Thanks!
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Nov 14, 2017

I initially edited this post to NOT include domain names. I've edited it once more to remove them but please don't add them back. For this issue, how do you have it forwarded? If it's just a redirect rule when you add one for the specific wordpress login URL does the issue persist?


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Oct 19, 2012
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When a domain is forwarded (masked) on GoDaddy, all it does is stick your in a frameset on You can't login because it won't pass the path you add to to the frame for You can't change your wordpress settings to since that is not actually the domain that's hosted. It's just the sub-domain.

If you want everything to work under, then you need to not forwarded it and host it directly so you can set wordpress to and get rid of the sub-domain.

When you forward masked you also lose the ability to see or bookmark any individual pages of the site because everything is within the one frameset. There's really no point in building it the way you describe and a single site wordpress can only be configured with one domain.
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