Sep 14, 2019
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
So let me explain the problem well:
- I have been authorized to be full administrator of VPS by my friend

*What I want:
- Let's assume I have domain name: n1.com
- And I have made subdomains as (*), so website can create any subdomain they want
- For example user A, have subdomain: a.n1.com
- He wants his domain : aaa.com to be linked to a.n1.com, and display all its content.

*The problem:
Problem 1)
- First I want to note we didn't understand the real reason of problem so we bought another server to test on it some solutions after failure with old one
- when I link aaa.com to a.n1.com using cname of subdomain and IP of server I found out that it display page at /var/www/html/
- Instead CPanel/WHM creates the website pages in /home/username/public_html/
- (Keep in mind the server if for multi-sites)
- httpd.conf file or other apache files is in control of cpanel/whm so even If I update them, any change by any user or new website added may update them automatically
- So I stopped on editing httpd.conf because I figure out it may not be the right solution.
- I found that CPanel has API, I didn't read any of it so I don't know if it has a solution for this problem.
Problem 2)
- it looks the same as first problem, but this one only appeared in new bought server
- the subdomain ialso links to /var/www/html/ instead of /home/username/public_html

- Server is on CentOS 6 now

- I want to know if there is a good solution available in whm/cpanel so I don't need to code anything or edit the files.
- if there is no solution in either, what you recommend me, to see CPanel API or edit Apache files
- and in case of Apache files, can you help, so later CPanel doesn't mess with new editings.

Omar E.


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Apr 11, 2011