Domain Loading Server Default Page


Sep 28, 2002

This is a bit odd and confusing. I woke up this morning to find that my website was loading the server deafult page. I checked httpd.conf, and nothing seemed out of place. I messed around with cpanel... search for any sign of a corrupted config file... and found nothing.

I installed Urchin last night, but haven't exactly gotten around to setting it up yet. I know there was already Urchin installed in /usr/local/urchin4, but when I bought a license from, I ended up reinstalling it in /usr/local/urchin... because I couldn't get port 9999 to load (dumb mistake?). I don't know if that has anything to do with this problem...

The only site/account down on my server is (ichatfnd)... which just happens to be the only site I tested Urchin with. I deleted the iChatFinder report from Urchin last night... (I got frustrated), and now i have this problem in the morning.

Until I can figure out what exactly is going on... and why Apache is loading the server default page instead of my site.. I've changed the server default page to the public_html directory of the site. So it loads now... but I would like to fix this to prevent future problems.

Thanks!.. and I hope someone has a solution.