Apr 20, 2013
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Dear All,

thanks for reading my thread, hope you can help. I have domains parked on onlydomains and the admin surface is cPanel. I have more domains, and more are active with uploaded webpage. I got my brand new webpage ready and I had to setup the MySQL as it uses database.

After setup all my webpages are not visible. Always a Default WebSite is coming up, that

If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner:

I upload the webpage, and there is nothing. I cannot see that. I delete and upload again and nothing changes. And the main problem is, that all my domains have the same problem.

Can you please tell me how I could solve it? Do you have idea?

Thanks in advance!
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Oct 20, 2008
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Could you please elaborate? Are you trying to park domains on an existing domain? Is your main domain name working? Parking domains means, the domain will open the same page as your other main domain.