Domain Name pointing to another hosting company


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Sep 24, 2006
My customer has their website hosted at another web hosting company. Now they bought a second domain name from me and requested that I point their www to their existing website at the other web hosting company. I have set up the cname as follows: cname

But when I try to browse it keeps showing Bad Request (Invalid Hostname).
What am I doing wrong?


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Jan 2, 2004
Just to add to what Vanessa said...

You're partway there. Your cname will redirect people who are trying to hit the domain to the existing server, but all that does is tell them that IP address for 'domain b' is the same as 'domain a', which is fine...

... until people arrive at the IP address for 'domain a' and the user's browser says "hey, I'm looking for 'domain b' " at which point the webserver says "I have no idea who you're talking about"... they'll have to change stuff on their end.

Having said that, there ARE things like 'custom DNS' at that will handle all that for you, as it basically rewrites some things from the end-user's perspective. However, what it does *not* do is make 'domain a' appear to be 'domain b'... which means that they'll get where they need to be, but they might wonder "how did I get here? I wanted to be at 'domain b' !"