Feb 27, 2013
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Website Owner
what is the best way to set up the following redirection

my domain name domain.com needs to be redirected to a friends domain name domain2.com,
my friend is basically is going to use my domain for his business, and his webmaster has another domain name that he is going to host the actual files, we both use cpanel hosting but with different hosting companies.

i would like it setup so that when someone types in domain.com it redirects to where the files are held on another server but still shows in the address bar the url domain.com, but actually showing the website that his webmaster is hosting for him

we think we have done it correct but we are having slight issues, mainly with emails, i have the nameservers set on my hosting pointing to ns1.his-host.com and ns2.his-host.com,
he has the domain name domain2.com set as a parked domain and i have nothing at all set in my hosting package,

i am not so sure we have this configured correctly, not sure if i have even explained it correctly, i think i have.