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Feb 11, 2015
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I hoping you can help me out. I have not long ago setup dns for google pagespeed, my problem is my website works perfectly fine, it loads, shows every icon etc but if i setup the domain as (without /www) but it don't show well if i set it up as / it doesn't load the search and some icons are missing so it doesn't completely load the template if that makes seance. I am using a vps with cPanel/WHM, and my website is running wordpress, here a screen shot

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any help would be appreciated

I am currently using Google page speed DNS to obviously speed the website but it works completely fine if the domain is set in general settings as (without /www) , it works completely fine everything loads, but if the domain is set as / it wont search for anything or show anything under the categories it just spins & spins nothing loads, the website is still fine it still shows the template but it just wont show any listings it just keeps spinning (loading). Any suggestions? Thank you Regards.
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Do you notice the same issue with static HTML pages? You may want to create test HTML pages to verify if the issue is with WordPress. Also, have you reviewed the PageSpeed setup documentation provided by Google?

Thank you.