domain parking and .ca nameservers don't mix


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Nov 10, 2001
ON, Canada
Is this supposed to be a problem?

I went into cPanel for one of my domains to park another similar domain on it. The domain was registered a couple days earlier and a whois anywhere gave the proper info. CPanel wouldn't let me park it though. It said something like "unable to get IP of nameservers". I waited and tried again the next day and it still said that. I went in via shell, added the ServerAlias line to the main domains entry, added a zone file for the new domain, and it worked. The new domain went to the other domains page right away.

This server is using .ca nameservers, so the domain is set to use those nameservers. Nameservers for .ca domains don't get registered like .coms do. Could that be why cPanel couldn't do the parking? Is that a bug in how cPanel parks domains?