Domain redirection from specific cpanel account


Mar 15, 2008
Casablanca Morocco
Hi !

Well i have a singlular problem and no idea on how to solve that.
Here is the scenario :

- I run a multisite wordpress, on which we can "map " a domain.

Problem : for now, i park the domain on top on the main one. it works just fine, BUT custumers can NOT (for security reason) acces to cpanel SO they canot manage there emails. I am forced to make them manually.

SO my question is :

- Is there a way to create a cpanel account with only acces to email management AND possibility to alter tne DNS zone in order to setup a IN A entry so the domain can be mapped on the wordpress multisite on ANOTHER cpanel account ?

- Could you please clarify if it is possible (we also can use a CNAME entry)
- Could tou explain me how to setup taht config ?

Thanks in advance :)


Feb 27, 2012
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DataCenter Provider
The functionality that you are looking for doesn't really work in a cPanel environment. If you want to keep multisite WordPress you would run the "email only" cPanel accounts on another server / VPS. Instead of using multisite WordPress I would look at something like to manage multiple WordPress installs from a central location.