domain, website different servers and A Record!


Mar 3, 2021
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First, let me start by apologising, I am brand new to cPanel and my question may reflect that!

I have a “coming soon” website which is located on my existing server, where mail and a lot of downloadable technical content (pdf files) also is hosted.

The actual “production” website is being produced by an advertising company with their own web department, who demand that the website itself is to be located on their server if they are to maintain this - which they are.

If they are also to host all the technical downloadable content and the mail server, the price will be enormous, so they have suggested that I point the A record to their server (e.g. ip address 12.345.678.90), and I keep the domain (e.g. www.abcdefg.hi) on our existing server, together with the downloadable technical content and the mail.

My question to this forum is now, where do I enter the IP address of the website hosted by the advertising company?

As detailed a description as possible would be appreciated - the cPanel is in English with the “Basic” user interface.

Thank you all in advance.


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Thanks for choosing cPanel for your hosting needs!

This may not even be related to cPanel depending on how your DNS is handled, but the answer to your question is "wherever the DNS is managed for the domain." While you can host your DNS on a cPanel machine, and many users do, it doesn't mean that is how things are configured for your site.

You would need to know who controls the nameservers for your domain and then update the A record at that location accordingly.

If you aren't sure what nameservers you're using, a simple online tool like will give you that information.