Sep 21, 2004
I had a server DNS zone and domain setup and everything was fine. The ISP keeps telling me that my dns isn't setup correctly which was causing our server to react slowly at certain times of the day and yes I agree, that is just stupid but hey, what can you do...

So I use their dns servers and stop using mine that I had setup on my server. I then decide that I'm just going to remove the zones and let them handle it.

Well, this is a cool feature of cpanel that it doesn't warn you about. You delete a DNS zone under the DNS section and this thing will remove your web accounts along with all the email account you had setup for the domain itself. its a really cool feature.

So now, I have a website, the webserver still services it as if its setup, but cpanel won't show it under the list of accounts.

I then try to recreate it but cpanel tells me it already exists and won't recreate it.

I can access its account (sorta) under the cpanel control panel, but i can't add email accounts because it won't show me the main domain. Only a subdomain for the domain and therefore the email accounts would be invalid.

What in the world is going on here and does anyone have any idea of what I can do to fix this problem without further screwing my installation?