Don't buy RVskin - the story about fraud.


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Feb 23, 2004
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Hello i would like to inform you how the company rvskin makes fools of their clients.

I bought RVSkin cause I was told on the frontpage of their site that they have :

There are currently 23 languages supported; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese, French, German, Swedish, Romanian, Dutch, Russian, Simplified-Chinese(GB), Traditional-Chinese (Big5), Polish

I use Polish language and till today there is no polish language support i thought that supported means that all translations are done but no.
Only main screen and also not all of them are translated, rest of them are in English, so i asked support how so.

I got a response that the Cpanel 11 is new and that they will make the nessessary adjustments in two weeks, tia that was two months ago.
The only answer i got from a stuff member is that i can do it myself :|, but i bought a supported version not a version for self translation.

I wroted other support requests to them but they all stayed without an answer, so
DON'T buy RVSKin counting on real language support cause there isn't any, if you want english its ok.

I am ignored, and misinformed, no support, no response so i guess the only thing that counted was to get their hand on my money, its very said and dissapointing.
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Aug 10, 2003
We have used RVSkin for years since they first were available, apart from poor support recently (MailScanner removal issue with RVSKIN icon problems as a recent example) they have always been helpful, i am sure that Pairote is a fair person so this is really the wrong place to start complaining about them and using such a strong word as "fraud" is way over the top.

I suggest you wait for a response from Pairote through the RVSkin support channels such as their ticket system or forum which they usually respond to in time - ask for your ticket to be escalated to Pairote if needed, they do not make a habit of ignoring customers.



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Mar 3, 2006
Also, why not take some initiative and ask if they need support for your language. Perhaps you can rewrite their documentation in your language and help yourself so to speak.

I wrote rewrote several translated documents and was compensated nicely with never-ending licenses and other goodies. Help the cause to something you obviously like and have a use for. All they can say is no and if they read this post, that may very well be your reply.

good luck


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Feb 19, 2003
I am really sorry for the trouble. The information on the web is outdated. There are several pages contain information for cPanel v10. For a cPanel v11, it is completely a different things. If you know the history of cPanel and RVSkin, you may better understand the situation. Due to the huge amount of cPanel language variables added since cPanel updated to v11, several translators working on it have abandon the project. I have updated the website to reflect the latest information.

Currently 10 languages are translated more than 90%;
and Swedish.

Other languages are translated between 20 - 50%. And several languages are updating constantly.

The reasons for people using RVSkin are not only for the translated language files, but also for usability for the end-users, Account-Feature manager, the admin layer, enhanced new system, upsale features, easy way to add icons on the skin, full page news and alerts system, and etc. And we are still adding new feature constantly. Upcoming feature will be User-Layer. If you purchase it only for the translated files, and it not suitable your need. Please request for the refund. Another way as suggested by jayh38 is helping us improving it.

I am ignored, and misinformed, no support, no response so i guess the only thing that counted was to get their hand on my money, its very said and dissapointing.
Can you provide me a ticket number? 99.9% of the support tickets are get responsed. Those which not be responsed are duplicated, submit unrelated products on our system, and submit in other languages than English.


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Sep 26, 2002
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RVskins are great, the support provided by their staff are fantastic, they most definitely DO respond to tickets and know what they're doing. If you didn't get a response, check your email spambox, but I have NEVER had these guys not respond to a ticket that I sent in.


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Jun 13, 2005
Den Haag
But the case remains he buys a product with his thought has got polish languae support, but then the information on the sellers website isn't correct? I can understand why he feels scammed...

I see 2 reasonable options: Refund and take the license back or fix the problem.