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Jan 12, 2012
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Hi, i bought dedicated server with WHM 11.30.5 (build 3) CENTOS 5.7 x86_64 standard on server.
And i have problem with show disk space used of account in whm > Account Information >> List Accounts > Edit Quota
and in the client account cpanel
For exapmle, i created one account with package 2000M and transfer one file 100MB in the directory public_html, after transfer,
In cpanel and whm show space used 0 and quota 2000M for this account. This problem it's with all account.
Sorry for my english.
How to solve the problem?


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Feb 25, 2010
Houston, TX
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Do you have a VPS or a dedicated server? If you have a VPS, it is very important that second-level quota support be enabled for your VPS. This must be done in the hardware node that hosts the VPS; it cannot be done from inside the VPS.

The following guides explain how to enable second-level quota support in Virtuozzo and OpenVZ:

Turning On and Off Second-Level Quotas for Container
Setting Up Second-Level Disk Quota Parameters

If you do not have administrator access to the VPS hardware node, you will need to ask the VPS administrator (your hosting provider) to do this for you.

Once you are sure that second-level quotas are enabled for the VPS, run fixquotas as root:

# /scripts/fixquotas
We may be able to give you better advice if you submit a ticket, which will allow us to log into your server and look at it directly.