Don’t wait to sign up for cPanel Conference 2008!


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Nov 27, 2002
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The third annual cPanel Conference is fast approaching. Our group rate for booking rooms at the venue hotel expires on May 21st so be sure to register for the conference and book your room before the rate increases! We will work to get an extension, but to be assured of our low group rate book before May 21st.

Conference information can be found here.
Hotel booking with cPanel’s group rate can be found here.


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Nov 29, 2006
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I, personally, would strongly encourage anyone who can attend to attend this year's conference.

I've been sitting in on all the presentation practices and I have to say the content is both comprehensive and amazing. This year's content is presented such that novices can understand the material, but the material itself is such that even experienced cPanel administrators will feel they have learned something new. You will learn more in just a few days at the conference than you can learn in months of reading forum threads.

One thing I love to mention to everyone is you can hang out with us for 2 days for just about the same price as a single phone support incident. We're even having a tech booth this year where a panel of our technical analysts will be able to help you with any issues you may be having or long-standing questions you may have about our software.

Of course, there's always the networking with other folks in the industry:).

If anyone has any questions related to the conference such as which airport is the better airport in Houston or if you're concerned if a specific topic will be covered, drop us an email to Support & Customer Service | cPanel, Inc. so we can address those concerns.
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