dovecot imap email issue


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Oct 6, 2001
customer using Outlook express imap remove email , email is removed in Outlook express , but check in customer email dir , there still inside the maildir/cur .

Try create another folder , move email to new folder, all email is create in new folder, but old dir still see that email there.

do i need reinstall dovecot?



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May 27, 2006
Johannesburg, South Africa
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If I'm not mistaken, IMAP keeps mail on the server even if it's deleted until you expunge the mail. I don't know Outlook Express well, but know other mail clients have an option somewhere that you need to enable, to delete mail off the server once deleted from the client.

Horde has the words "Expunge mail", and Outlook 2010 has an option in Account Settings > properties of IMAP Account > More Settings > Deleted Items > "Purge items when switching folders while online". But, you need to change the Deleted Items to your Deleted Items folder on the IMAP server, otherwise it uses the "Deleted Items" folder on the local PC and doesn't actually purge mail on the IMAP server.

This might also help: How to Purge Deleted Messages in Windows Mail or Outlook Express - About Email