downgrading from edge to stable


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Oct 6, 2002
I have downgraded CPanel 6 edge to the latest CPanel 6 Stable - no problems/conflicts with that, right?


Originally posted by awsol
You should be fine as long as your bandwidth monitoring isn't messed up due to the downgrade.
My bandwidth manager was messed up shortly after i upgraded to V6 Edge, then i downgraded to Sable. Still bandwidth manager is a problem.


Feb 13, 2003
After reading this board I think I have the bandwidth screwup error also on at least one account that has never reached it's bandwidth quota in a month suddenly exceeded it in only 7 days. I was told by my hosting provider to immediately upgrade to v6 Edge on the 19th because of some severe exploit (security weakness) in cPanel earlier versions and it happened after I did that. I don't know if that directive was handed down from cPanel or not, and my provider did not state what the exploit was other than calling it a security weakness. I still have v6.0.0 Edge 83 at this point because I don't know what will be affected by returning to the Stable or Release trees. I just switched to this new host because my server was continually going offline with my previous host and I don't want to do anything that will cause my server to go offline for any length of time. I already lost several hosting customers and I can't afford to lose anymore, and besides, my new server hasn't been offline once since I moved 12 days ago.

Is it really safe to return to the Stable or Release trees?:confused: