Download Speed from sites seems to be limited


Dec 18, 2007
Hi All,

I am having a strange problem where downloads from the sites I have setup using cPanel seem to be limited to 20k per second (in firefox download manager).

I have tried downloading the same file with IE, wget and it still seems to be capped at 20kbps.

I have tried it on a few different computers, one that is hosted in a different datacenter, and has a 100mb connection to the internet, and still the same issue.

I did notice this
on one of my sites, and was wondering if this is an apache module that could be causing this? If it is, how can I turn it off/modify the settings for it?

I dont mind the speed limiting, it is just a bit slow, and makes the pages feel like they are loading slow.

I have tried searching the site here and also looking through the WHM root area on my server and have not found anything that helps me out.

Any help/information would be useful.