Downloading large files and connection closed !


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Jun 30, 2004
Hello !

I would like to download a backup file (called something like backup-10.16.2006_44-65-85_sitename.tar.gz) which is in the home directory and which was created using CPanel.

I opened my FTP Client and saw the file is 1 452 568 KB...

I tried to download it this morning but it took a long time and didn't work because my Internet connection was stopped at a moment... and when I connected again on the Internet the download was not completed and didn't restart.

I had only downloaded 200 Mo...but, Is it possible to continue the download instead of beginning a new one ?

Do you know of any other solution that would allow me to backup my server ?

Thank you ! :)


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May 1, 2003
try to use ftp client that supports resume. my choice is filezilla which is an opensource from Give it a try :)